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    The ability to automatically split items into separate shipments is now on the ShipStation product roadmap.

    We will set this request to completed once the feature has been officially released.

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    LAURENT COHEN Mixware LLC commented  · 

    This would be a very useful feature for us as well.

    We use ShipStation with Quickbooks Enterprise, using Connex to sync orders to ShipStation and shipping info back to Quickbooks. We created rules in Connex to place customer 3rd party shipping account numbers in custom field 1, and customer PO# in custom field 2. We also created automation rules in ShipStation to change billing to 3rd party based on custom field 1. This is working great, except it doesn't work in combination with split shipments. Once we split a shipment (after 3rd party rule has been applied), billing reverts back to recipient and 3rd party account needs to be rein put manually.

    Here's what we would like to see happen when splitting a shipment (whether split manually or based on the rule requested in the original post):
    - Billing for the first shipment should stay on 3rd party, and all subsequent shipments for the order should automatically be set to 3rd party as well.
    - Shipping notes should be copied from the first shipment to all subsequent shipments (we need the info in the custom fields to be copied over when items are moved to a new shipments)

    In regard to the PO# in custom field 2 - Many of our customers require each box to have a packing slip with scannable PO#. This is the main reason we use split shipments. We created a custom packing slip but we need the PO# in custom field 2 for each shipment. Right now we are copying it manually after moving products to new shipments.

    So instead of copying shipping notes manually, and re-inputing 3rd party accounts manually, having automation functionality for split shipments, as well the fixing some of the quirks mentioned above will greatly improve our workflow.

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