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    Thank you for this feedback.

    We are looking into whether Etsy includes a gift flag in their order feeds when sending data to ShipStation and what would be needed to update our Etsy integration to accommodate this new field (since this field was not originally built into the integration specs).

    If the integration can be updated and Etsy does send the gift flag, you can then use ShipStation’s automation feature to create alerts, send emails, assign custom templates, etc to any order that contains it. We will update this post when we have more information about this.

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    Jessica Rayburn Copper Fox Co commented  · 

    @ Palmetto Wood Shop

    I haven't gotten the duplicate order issue figured out yet. I've had an open case with the for a while, and continue to get a response that the issue is in the queue for the tech team...

    I still find it easier than fielding constant confusion in messages regarding gift notes, and/or messages from gift recipients asking about who sent an item.

    I have it set to pull in no item info (1. to make sure we don't ship out both orders accidentally and 2. if I see an order with a qty 0 I know it's just a gift message). So my process looks something like this.

    1 - etsy orders is imported
    2 - empty order from integromat is imported with gift note
    3 - gift note is copy/pasted to Etsy order
    4 - integromat order is cancelled

    I then go in and combine all the empty integromat orders in the cancelled order screen to eliminate the duplicate order coming up in order searches.

    Alternatively, you could turn off Etsy integration and only import orders using integromat, then do a reverse for updating tracking infomation. I haven't done that yet as I'm hoping integromat will fix this issue sooner rather than later.

    I'm happy to share the integromat scenario I used with anyone who wants it, just email me jessica at copperfoxco dot com

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    Jessica Rayburn Copper Fox Co commented  · 

    Well since shipstation is obviously not going to take the very small and easy steps to make this happen. I created an automation using that watches for new orders imported from my Etsy store into shipstation, finds the cooresponding receipt on Etsy, and if it has a gift message it will update the order accordingly.

    I'm currently having an issue with it creating a entire new order instead of updating the current one, I'm waiting for the tech team at Integromat to look over this and help me fix the issue but I'm very happy about the potential to offer gift messages again to my customers going into the holidays.

    (shipstation: I'm embarrassed for you that this is still an issue)

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    Jessica Rayburn Copper Fox Co commented  · 

    please please please, we need this.

    Jessica Rayburn Copper Fox Co supported this idea  · 

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