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    Hi! ShipStation is still in the process of understanding the best way to address multiple currencies within a single ShipStation account. We greatly thank you for your patience as we work towards supporting this much-desired feature.

    Glen McMahon ReproGraphX commented  · 

    I understand there are many variables and situations to consider but no progress or beta for 5 + years?
    All users should be leaving comments to get Multiple Customs Currencies implemented.

    Would this work
    All marketplaces should be specifying the currency that was paid.
    Use this to set the currency "indicator" on only the customs declaration which should be an easy to implement solution.

    The currency passed to the Customs form would be in the currency the buyer paid.

    Would this not cover having several marketplaces that perhaps report each in different currencies as well as a Marketplace the reports in more than 1 currency

    The quoted rates returned by the carriers with in the ShipStation label remain in the currency that the user is billed in

    Hope to see progress soon

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