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    Hi there! Thanks so much for your feedback on how we can improve ShipStation for your business. We look here to learn about common obstacles for our users so we can work on solutions.

    After reading many of the responses, it appears that one of the underlying needs described was to print labels on a 4×6 thermal printer and packing slips on an 8.5×11 printer, which you can now accomplish in ShipStation.

    Since you’re asking for the ability to have one button for this function, we’ll leave this request open. Can you give us more detail about about your current workflow and what’s the hardest part not having a button that prints both labels/packing slips simultaneously vs two buttons?


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    Sean Napier Parts and Items commented  · 

    It would be great if there was an option to print the shipping label to one printer and the packing slip to another.

    Right now if you want to print both automatically when printing a shipping label you can only do to one printer.

    A lot of us print shipping label to a printer like a rollo and then print packing slip to a standard ink/laser printer. Would save a lot of time and clicks to have it print to both at the same time.

    Right now a common result is if you forget to print the packing slip before printing the shipping label you have to go to the orders tab, click the order and then click print packing slip. A little bit of a pain.

    Sean Napier

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