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    The Orders grid in V3 will show individual line items as expandable rows in the grid – so you’d be able to see each line and quantity without opening the sidebar or details. Coming soon!

    Christopher Crawford Clearwater Stag Works commented  · 

    Yes, This would help me out as well. In my case I am usually selling a main product with add ons. Whenever someone has an add on , it will only show ( multiple items) instead of adding another line under the order number for additional items. It seems like the best solution would be to allow the user to select how many extra line items an order can have, that way it won't get out of hand for those that sell a ton of items per order. We manufacture our own product and do not have a lot of room for back stock at this point. Like the original poster, it is best for us to be able to spot, right away, what orders can be filled instead of having to print the order list off to see what the orders are.

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