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    Nathan French CVF Motorsports, Inc commented  · 

    We sell a lot of kit & bundles on E-bay and Volusion. So imagine you want to sell an I-Phone a matching a case. This is really popular in E-bay motors and in other areas as well. My interest in this item is to be able to:

    1) Break a kit down into individual items so that our shippers will know what to put into the box
    2) Keep track of inventory at the lowest level
    3) Be able to calculate and push inventory of kits to the marketplaces. So for example, if we have 3 I-phone cases and 5 I-phones in stock it would tell the marketplaces that we have 3 kits available.
    4) Be able to "shrink wrap" or pre-assemble kits so that a picker can just grab one item. In many cases, we pre-build the kits. Other times we don't. We want the flexibility to pre-build the kits and tell the picker to go get the complete kit. This functionality is important because some of our kits are always "pre-built" because they have 20 or 30 nuts, bolts and other hardware in them.

    We use SKUVault to accomplish this today but would be interested in using a solution from one provider.

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