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    Scan to Verify and Print is now AVAILABLE in the new version of ShipStation, and also now supports product identification by UPC, SKU, or both values.
    We will mark this feature complete once Scan to Verify is a standalone mode from Print.
    Additional features, settings are also in the works. Thank you all for your continued patience.

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    purenootropics2 commented  · 

    This feature is seriously needed and I would be willing to pay more for a premium extension.

    Currently we're using Groovepacker @ $100/month. This software works pretty well and has saved us this much money on a monthly basis, however there are still occasionally errors and we've notified Groovepacker about the same many months ago with no fix in sight; they informed us of a workaround, but this was short lived. They are aware of the issue since at least March. Due to repeated errors, we're seriously considering an alternative

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