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    Hi! ShipStation is still in the process of understanding the best way to address multiple currencies within a single ShipStation account. We greatly thank you for your patience as we work towards supporting this much-desired feature.

    jgood commented  · 

    I can't believe this still has not been fixed. This is a bug and it's costing us hundreds of dollars a month plus furious customers who get fronted with customs bills because your declarations are inaccurate.

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    jgood commented  · 

    This is almost a deal-breaker for us as our warehouse is operated independently and we are unable to go through and change each order before shipping. We have a store in USD and the order information has the currency yet it shows for customs as GBP because the Shipstation account is in the UK. If we are unable to specify a currency for each store then Shipstation should at least convert the amount correctly. Waiting for a solution.

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