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    Now that we’ve added the customer history widget into ShipStation’s new layout, we are exploring other options around this data, like the ability to trigger automated actions.

    We will definitely take this feedback into consideration when planning future automation improvements.

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    Todd Tiemann Optimum Fun, LLC commented  · 

    As a simple first step, what if you just created a couple of [variables] we could use in our label templates?

    I would love to print things like [past_spend] or [customer_percentile] right in the margin of the shipping label half of our label pages (we use the pages with the perforated sticker label on one half and the packing slip on the bottom half. It would be simple to print some helpful information into the PDF right above that fold part, so we can see these details when we pick orders but those details will not be printed onto anything that goes to the customer since we tear that top half of the page off after we remove the shipping label sticker.

    We are going to start using a different e-commerce system that can populate the custom_field1 2 and 3 fields just so we can get this feature, but if it's already being "looked up" when we hover over fields, I just wish we had a few more template [variables] to use that could solve this for us without requiring much in the way of UI changes...


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