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    Hey everyone,

    We are in the early stages of an integration with the Amazon Buy Shipping API! However, there are some limitations/restrictions for using this service in ShipStation.

    At this time, the Amazon Buy Shipping API is only available for sellers using the “MFN Prime” service offered by Amazon. “MFN Prime” refers to orders that are listed as “Prime” on Amazon, but shipped directly by a seller. Historically, only orders that were fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) were eligible for “Prime” status. Orders not listed as “Prime” are not eligible for the Amazon Buy Shipping API in ShipStation.

    If you would like to learn more about this service, and if you’re eligible to have the Amazon Buy Shipping API enabled on your ShipStation account, please contact your Account Manager or email


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    I wanted to clarify that this feature will presumably also allow shipstation users to purchase postage through Amazon, which is deducted from the money that Amazon holds for it's biweekly payouts. So this will improve ShipStation users daily cashflow if they have to displace less of their funds between Amazon payments to buy postage.

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