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    activeyossi commented  · 

    Sorry, i didn't realize

    Yes we still use batches and modifying the batch view to include some additional order actions would be a really helpful add-on.

    We use open batches in our daily processes as "little working boxes"

    For example:
    We use filters to sort our all orders that needs to have items ordered manually (Usually due to lack of internal inventory)

    We than export these orders and run the output CSV through our system which places an order with vendors.

    The system than return the responses from the vendor and update the custom fields with the PO details. All orders that were successfully processed by the vendor are updated with their respectful vendor tag and than printed.

    If the item was not available from the vendor we have submitted the orders for, the system update the custom field with a "Not ordered" code and these orders are than dragged and dropped into a new open batch, exported and are submitted to the next vendor.

    In this example, we use the export feature and the tagging feature.

    I can also see us using the Assign to use feature, Hold an order, and even Split and Combine orders features. (In case one item is available from one vendor while the second isn't)

    We currently work around all that by adding a unique value for custom field 1 and jump between the advance search and the batch every time we need to tag or export the orders in the open batch.

    But many times there is already a value in custom field 1 and can't be overwritten while there are other values in custom field 2 and similar issues like that.

    activeyossi shared this idea  · 

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