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    Hi, everyone! We’re still interested in seeing more users add their support for this idea, whether through votes or comments, so please keep them coming!

    In the meantime, here are example codes for our packing slips that may point you in the right direction: https://help.shipstation.com/hc/en-us/articles/206639907

    Please reach out to us through chat or at support@shipstation.com if you’d like some more explanation on the examples.

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    Tim Yerby Innovative Part Salvage commented  · 

    After 1 year I can't believe you are still asking for comments on this. You obviously don't deem it important enough based on the response to implement. Re: Jaime Calder's comment - he probably wants to change fonts and styles - bold, colors, italics, etc. And your html is not standard HTML so we can't just cut and paste from standard editors, and you examples are woefully inadequate with minimal examples.

    If you are going to ignore the request for a WYSIWIG editor, how about at least providing some meaningful code that we can use in an example. At a minimum you should provide code that would allow:

    1. Text enhancement of an entire paragraph
    a. Color
    b. Bold
    c. Underline
    d. Italic
    e. above combinations
    2. Text enhancement within a paragraph or sentence - only selected words - same combinations as above.

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    Tim Yerby Innovative Part Salvage commented  · 

    I will add that I have recently realized it would be good if this option was available for your label printing feature as well - I print a custom script on all my shipping labels in BOLD font - "See packing list instructions if box is damaged" - right now I have no option to modify the font - if available I would print that instruction in Bold, underlined, red font so it would stand out on the label and be the first thing a receiver sees.

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    Tim Yerby Innovative Part Salvage commented  · 

    I had to get a staff member to do it because I could not figure out your HTML editor (and I have built multiple web sites, although I am no programmer). Your HTML editor needs to either accept third party edits so we can use a wysiwig editor or you need to build one in.

    I am interest in putting more graphical items on my packing list as well as my shipping label. For example, Bold, Italic fonts in Colors. Some of the most important things are visual instructions that can grab peoples attention - 90 percent of people will not read a shipping label instruction or packing list instruction. You can look at my current packing list or shipping label for examples - I provide instructions I need the receiver to follow if the box is damaged - I want them to notice that as soon as they look at it.

    Tim Yerby Innovative Part Salvage supported this idea  · 

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