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    Hi @everyone!

    Thank you for your feedback on this idea and letting us know how you would use tagging/rules to identify those repeat or first time customers- your use cases for this feature really help us shape how it would best fit into your workflow. Please keep commenting if you have new ideas so that we can best design this feature with your needs in mind. Our product team is still reviewing this idea and we’ll let you know once a decision has been made.

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    This is a critical feature.
    From a customer service standpoint we often find when a customer is unhappy, after opening a return , they go and buy from a "different company" ie; Walmart vs Amazon.
    as we sell on multiple channels, we would be able to rectify the issue before they even get it.

    From a financial standpoint we would love to find business buyers or regular buyers. We had a buyer last year that bought more than 40 individual orders in a month last year before one of my packers noticed. We reached out and offered a bulk price. a quick phone call saved us hours of labor and a lot of shipping costs. and a happier customer.

    From a technical standpoint. We would set a tag to notify any repeat customers. We often print orders just w/ presets w/o opening the individual orders. To look at a few tagged orders in every hundred is doable. hovering over the customer during a busy Monday morning just doesn't happen!


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    This is extremely important.
    We need to be able to pull repeat customers and offer them to bulk discounts to buy outside of the big channels. Now we try to run the mouse over every customer to see "orders in the last 12 m" but it is not always possible to check,
    another issue is when a customer buys something and complains and returns it.
    We don't want him to just buy it again.
    Sometimes people buy on Amazon and don't realize it is the same seller.
    So if they thought the item was the wrong fit.
    It will not get better the second time.

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    Thanks for your feedback! It looks like you are referring to the carrier menu when marking orders as shipped. If this is incorrect, please let us know which carrier list you’re looking at in the comments below.

    The product team will review your request and you’ll hear from us once we have made a decision.

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    Highflyer214 commented  · 

    I sell stuff on eBay that I fulfill through FBA.
    I need to be able to sell as multiples.
    For example; If someone buys 2 pieces I can send it to FBA and it will send him 2
    But if I make a listing for a "2pk" I can't just upload it using Shipstation.
    I have to manually go to FBA and copy and paste line by line
    This should be a simple fix.
    Just the ability to set a fulfillment SKU as 2 pcs.
    Meaning incoming eBay SKU 1a2b3c will have a fulfilment SKU of 2x FBASKU123
    We also sell combos.
    Meaning one of each color or something like that.
    If you could create an FBA order of two seperate SKUs that would be very helpful.
    This is not something I have every day but still often enough to be annoying.
    One of the great features of Shipstation is that I can check how much Multichannel FBA shipping will be w/o filling in the whole order.
    When I have something cross country I often just send to FBA if it will be faster and similar price.
    Orders with multiples are the orders I can't just figure out in my head but I have to actually check.
    this would make it a 15 second decision instead of a 3 minute one.
    When the order comes in the afternoon and UPS is coming in a minute that is a big difference! ;)
    Thank you!

    Highflyer214 commented  · 

    @Donette that would not help for FBA.
    I need to be able to send orders of multiples to FBA w/o copying and pasting it line by line

    Highflyer214 commented  · 

    Exact same story as Kevin at Auction,
    Even if we could just do Multiples as a first step.
    Meaning 2packs and 3packs of the same SKU.
    Which you already support when someone buys two.
    To explain, If someone buys two pieces on eBay I can send it straight to FBA
    Yet if they buy one of my "2pks" I can't!
    This has to be a simple fix.
    Multiple SKUs would be awesome too but that is probably more complicated!

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