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    Hey @Everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback, we are actively reviewing this feature and appreciate all of your comment and votes.

    The product team will review your request and you’ll hear from us once we have made a decision.

    Please continue to share your ideas and additional information about how you’d use this “bulk email” feature by posting here in the forum.

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    Owner, Skinny Teatox Inc. commented  · 

    Sometimes we have several customers whose address failed US address verification. While some we can correct ourselves, other times we need to e-mail the customers. Allowing us to select these orders and e-mail them via ship-station would be very helpful and much more efficient then having to send multiple e-ails.

    I don't think your suggestion regarding raw orders would work where you only need to e-mail SOME customers about a delay to their order (e.g. where only one SKU is back-ordered).

    Is the reason this hasn't been implemented that you don't want Shipstation mails servers being bogged down with promotional e-mails? If so, could always consider limiting the number of these e-mails sent by membership package...

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    Owner, Skinny Teatox Inc. commented  · 

    Ability to send an e-mail on demand from within Shipstation (e.g. where order delay or out of stock). You could simply click on an order and select the e-mail form you want to send and it would send it at that time (rather than sending an e-mail on shipment or on import). I think this would be fairly easy to implement and would allow a user to send a user an e-mail (containing automatic fields) in cases such as an address verification fail or there is a delay.

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