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    ShipStation’s new layout (formerly called V3) does currently show when both labels and packing slips have been printed through ShipStation (either via ShipStation Connect or downloaded from the Print pop-up… if you use the browser print option, we cannot track the print status). You can see the print status in the Shipments tab by showing the Label Printed and Packing Slip Printed columns, or by opening the Shipment Details screen.

    We will consider the feedback around auto-printing packing slips when orders import, but there are a number of challenges around this approach that need to be overcome (for example, how to handle when the printer workstation is asleep or there is a hardware issue and printing is unsuccessful – ShipStation doesn’t have a way to receive that kind of feedback from the printer and it would not be desirable to show a packing slip as printed when it actually hasn’t…

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    Brian Van Bogart SoftBums commented  · 

    Yes, it should print when a new order is downloaded. Printing at 4am or whenever is not a problem. The point, really, is that whenever the shipping staff is in next, the new orders are sitting on the printer ready to go. Upon manually initiating a store download, it should also print any new orders on the spot without needing to select and print them manually. Again, it would also need to have an indication that the order has been printed somewhere as well, to make sure nothing is missed even if there was some error or something preventing the printing of an order.

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    Brian Van Bogart SoftBums commented  · 

    This is nice, but we were really hoping for automatic printing of packing slips rather than shipping labels. Ideally this would be an automation rule and could be printed to ShipStation Connect or Google Cloud Printers. Thanks!

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    Brian Van Bogart SoftBums commented  · 

    Just to put in my $0.02, when I originally requested this feature over a year ago, there wasn't really a good way to do it because there was no direct access to printers via a web page. However, now that there's ShipStation Connect and Google Cloud Printer support, this would be pretty simple to accomplish. I routinely print packing slips to our warehouse printer remotely from my phone via the ShipStation app, so it wouldn't be much of a leap to build a rule that could just do that without manual intervention.
    The reason I'd be looking for it is to print packing slips as soon as an order is downloaded from a marketplace, to let the fulfillment staff know about it and to eliminate extra steps in the process. While it might be nice for some to automatically print labels as well, we wouldn't be looking to do that ourselves. Packing slips would be enough, and greatly appreciated as well.

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    Brian Van Bogart SoftBums commented  · 

    Please add this feature ASAP! I am switching from a competing product that does have this feature and while I love ShipStation I'm missing this badly right now. We used to just pick up packing lists from the printer and start working on them without needing to perform any extra steps or look for them. As it stands now we need to look for new orders and manually print orders. This also requires we keep track of which ones were already printed to avoid multiple printouts for each order.

    This is a super useful feature, and I really think you should make it a top priority.


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