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    Thanks for letting us know your thoughts. We see a lot of value in your idea and we would like to know more on your current workflow when managing the inventory of shipping materials.

    Once we can gather more feedback from our users with this need and do some research ourselves, the product team will review your request and you’ll hear from us once we have made a decision.

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    Lisa Mosow Alma Mater Maps commented  · 

    I requested this too. Well said! My shipping products are much more complicated than my actual products!

    Lisa Mosow Alma Mater Maps supported this idea  · 
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    Lisa Mosow Alma Mater Maps commented  · 

    I LOVE ShipsStation and the automation of printing everything in one click. You have literally added years to my life!

    So I have an online only storefront that sells a limited number of 12x18'' graphic art prints (all the same at this point). Keeping up with the actual inventory is easy. The part that is not easy is keeping up with shipping supplies and when to reorder.

    I wish I could enter my supply amounts and then put an automation filter on orders that would update my supply count as the orders are filled.

    For example, when 1 print is ordered I use:
    -1 thermal label,
    -3 do not bend stickers,
    -2 pieces of cardboard,
    -1 clear sleeve,
    -a logo sticker,
    -a sticker with the fine print,
    -4 inches of scotch tape
    -5 ft and 4 inches of packing tape.

    I order all of these items in different quantities, from different vendors at different times. It would be heavenly if I always knew how many of each I had on hand. Let me know if this is a possibility in the future for your app!
    Thanks for listening :)

    -Lisa Mosow

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