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    Hey @Eric, thank you for taking the time to post your feedback here! ShipStation shouldn’t take a week to update your orders, and I see you’ve opened a few tickets with our team. I’m glad you’ve gotten in touch with us about this and that a few of our folks were able to give you some more information on how our update processes work.

    I am going to keep your feedback handy if, in the future, we end up making such a change and would like to invite users to try it out, but it this type of update is not in the foreseeable future. Your idea will remain active here in the forum so we can see what other users are running into business challenges because of this update frequency.

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    Christopher Yamane Superduperstudio LLC commented  · 

    I see lots of people asking for more control over the auto update/sync feature, but Shipstation admin seem very dismissive about it. I think it would help a lot to know WHY this is impractical to implement not just that you won't do it even though people are asking for it. I just don't see why it should take a half day or sometimes more for my orders to import automatically. Our fulfillment service can work much faster, but they can't pack things that don't get imported!

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