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    Hi Jason! Thanks for bring this up (and the kudos!) Have you looked into tagging your local orders? This will help increase visibility and you can automate the tagging.

    If you’ve got “local pickup” as an option on your store, we can import that value as the requested service (depending on which selling channel you’re using). If the requested service appears, you can make an automation rule that says “If requested service (marketplace) equals local pickup, then apply a tag”.

    Once you get there, you can use the mark as shipped method to move the order from awaiting shipment to shipped.

    Let us know here in the product feedback forum if you’ve got any questions or more information to clarify your idea.

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    Brent Rambo OSH Stencils commented  · 

    I'd like a slight modification to this request as well. We have a lot of Will Call orders, but we don't print packing slips. I would like to be able to import the order like all my other orders via the API, with a special service/carrier/flag that says the item is Will Call/Local Pickup and be able to "Create" a label for it, that is just a carrier-less/tracking-less label. Creating that label will mark it shipped just like any other label. This way we don't need to change our entire flow just to handle Will Call items, but the label still needs to go on the package/order in the store.

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