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    Thanks for your feedback! We’d like hear other scenarios from other users so we can revisit this idea. What specific workflow requires shipping unpaid orders? What is the most frustrating thing about having to ensure orders are paid for before you ship them (or mark them as paid)? We look forward to hearing more from you!

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    David Thum Overland Adventurer Designs commented  · 

    This Idea section should be combined with Idea section entitled "ship awaiting payment for net 30+ customer" (currently at 12 votes added to the 70 here) because they both want the same thing. I have customers with Net 30 terms and I NEED to be able to ship their product before it's paid. I don't need ShipStation to do anything else - I use my Xero accounting system to keep track of who is paid and create an aging report. I just need ShipStation to get out of the way and not force me to do more workaround clicks to fake out a payment in the system in order to print a label. That's my situation. Let's do this.

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