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    Hey @Tactical Keychains, thank you for bringing this up. I saw a couple of your other comments regarding this, too, and hope we can identify a business challenge that users will agree with so our product team can move forward with a solution that addresses this challenge.

    It sounds like you’re interested in a quick way to combine customs declaration lines to fit within the 5 line limit imposed by some of our carriers, is that right? How often would you say you run into these types of orders vs orders within the limit?

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    So, here is my situation and maybe this will help to clarify the issue (or it might just muddy it up a bit).

    I am looking at both the "create declarations from order items" and the “use pre-defined values" in the international settings.

    Currently USPS has no restrictions on number of line items for customs forms, so the "create declarations..." setting works great. The customs form shows the correct quantity, value, etc. and it goes through the customs system just fine, generally.

    I recently started using UPS and UPS MI (in addition to USPS). UPS has a soft limit of 5 line items (you can pay for more line items), UPS MI has a hard limit of 1 line item per customs form. I can work with these line item limits since my particular 450+ product line is basically the same kind of thing. But here's the problem:

    If I use the "Create declarations from order items" option, and an order has 4 different products with the customs description in each product detail listed as the exact same thing - the customs form shows 4 line items that have the same description. The system does not recognize the customs descriptions as being the same. So, I would have to delete the excess line items, update the total quantity and the sum value.

    Using the same scenario of an order with 4 different products - If I use the "pre-defined values" option, I define the description and leave the value and quantity blank (under the assumption that blank values would be determined by the order). This gets me to the one line item UPS MI requires on the customs form. However, while the description is listed as one line item and the customs value is summed correctly and listed correctly, the quantity field is defaulted to a value of 1 (because 0 or blank would be null). So, now I have the option to either go into each order and manually update the quantity in each order one by one or handwrite the correct quantity on the customs form (handwriting might actually be faster, but I’m not sure what that does when it reaches the customs system). This default of “1” quantity even applies when an order is a multiple quantity of the same single item.

    This is frustrating when approximately 1/3 of my orders are international and on a given fulfillment day I could have 75-300 international labels to process.

    Feel free to contact me if you need a guinea pig for testing.

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