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    Scan to Verify and Print is now AVAILABLE in the new version of ShipStation, and also now supports product identification by UPC, SKU, or both values.
    We will mark this feature complete once Scan to Verify is a standalone mode from Print.
    Additional features, settings are also in the works. Thank you all for your continued patience.

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    Wayne commented  · 

    As everyone has stated over the past six years, this is the number one concern for Shipstation users. We will gladly pay more for this to offset development. Shipstation is great in so many ways and has vastly improved our efficiency.. let's make it better.

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    Wayne commented  · 

    Hi, we are looking for a way to ensure that customers orders are accurately picked prior to shipment. An ideal scenario would be that Shipstation will not print a label until each item has been scanned as going into package. Each order has a list of numerous items, I need a way to scan each item to ensure the order is packed correctly, before a shipping label is generated.

    Existing software is Shipstation, using "scan to print" feature, which uses barcode on Packing Slip to generate label
    Hardware scanner is Wasp Technologies WCS3900 Barcode Scanner

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