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    ShipStation’s new layout (formerly called V3) does currently show when both labels and packing slips have been printed through ShipStation (either via ShipStation Connect or downloaded from the Print pop-up… if you use the browser print option, we cannot track the print status). You can see the print status in the Shipments tab by showing the Label Printed and Packing Slip Printed columns, or by opening the Shipment Details screen.

    We will consider the feedback around auto-printing packing slips when orders import, but there are a number of challenges around this approach that need to be overcome (for example, how to handle when the printer workstation is asleep or there is a hardware issue and printing is unsuccessful – ShipStation doesn’t have a way to receive that kind of feedback from the printer and it would not be desirable to show a packing slip as printed when it actually hasn’t…

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    thumbunited commented  · 

    Unless I'm missing something, I see no way to automate sending a packing slip by email...that would be very helpful. But looking at this, it seems to be that a good solution to this would be to add a "print Document" automation action, letting you select which document template (Packing Slip, picking slip, whatever), and which printer...i.e. ShipStation Connect printer. While doing this, also add packing slips to the email action.

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    thumbunited commented  · 

    Clearly, getting positive confirmation that a packing slip was printed is desireable, but may not be possible. As such, I would be good with an interim PS "Packing Slip Queued". Maybe another scan that could confirm the packing slip is printed and ready for picking and packing. Then if any are stuck in the queued stage, someone can go in and reprint those if needed.

    I use a subscription service called 'printnode' ( for some other progams I have that send labels to a printer. Works well and holds jobs if the printer is offline or out of paper.

    Many HP printers have print by email, that could be an email the PDF to a specific email address and it will print out on the printer.

    I've used another service (no longer active) that would send print jobs to a windows service running on a computer that the printer is connected to (USB, TCP, whatever). That print service connected to the web server and monitored for incoming print jobs I believe. I think it also was aware of printer and job status and could tell if a job hadn't completed printing. I don't have more info on that, unfortunately.

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