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    Kevin at Auction Moguls commented  · 

    My needs echo Boruch's. We sell widgetA and WidgetB separately on eBay and fulfill them through FBA. Since the widgets are similar we also bundle them and sell them at a discount if you buy them bundled, it is assigned a sku of widgetbundle1. When we get orders for the bundle, they must be entered into FBA manually since the bundle is not recognized as a valid sku. If Shipstation could split widgetbundle1 into the two sku's that make it up before submitting it to FBA, this would be ideal.

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    Kevin at Auction Moguls commented  · 

    I sell bundles of individual items on eBay and fulfill them through FBA. It would very helpful to be able to have a sku "split" and push the order to FBA, ordering the individual items.

    The FBA piece in ShipStation works very's something a small business like mine couldn't afford 10 years ago. I love the time savings, especially not having to babysit my email 24/7 to manually update tracking numbers. My kit sales are only a small piece of what I do, if it could be further automated my (ecommerce) life would be complete :-)

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