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    Hi, everyone! We read all of your feedback daily and noticed that this idea hasn’t seen any activity since we last checked in. Can you give us more information about how Doc Tabs would help your shipping workflow?

    Please comment here in the forum so other users can add their input as well.

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    sachin86 commented  · 

    Haha thanks for your quick responses and interest in adding this feature.

    Yes, we do use order summaries to pull and pack orders. But still, this is like a double check and it almost always eliminates any order mistakes. Ever since we started having the item name printed on the shipping label, it has reduced order errors by 60%.

    An even better suggestion would be that you allow us to print many more characters on the doc tab than is currently allowed on the shipping label itself. That way longer item titles don't get cut off and we will be even more accurate!

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    sachin86 commented  · 

    So we still want that the item name appears somewhere (as it helps the packers confirm that the right item is going to the right person), but we don't want it on the shipping label. We want it on the doc tab so that the customer/postal carrier does not know what is in there. Does that make sense?

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    sachin86 commented  · 

    We want it for two main reasons:

    1) We sell a lot of gift items. Currently Shipstation prints out the item name on the bottom of the shipping label itself so when people receive their package, they already know what is inside. That kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise opening of the gift. If it is printed on the doc tab, it allows our packers to still confirm that the item they are packaging is the item that the customer ordered (a visual confirmation they are not packaging the wrong item to the wrong order).

    2) We do not want the post office or letter carrier to know what is inside the package for fear of theft, etc.

    sachin86 shared this idea  · 

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