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    Thank you for this feedback. We will be considering more automation around splitting and combining shipments in our 2021 roadmap.

    Auto-combining is a bit more technically intensive than auto-splitting as it requires certain data fields to be validated and matched, but we are definitely exploring how to accomplish this.

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    Hemp Lively anocbd.com commented  · 

    I need this feature.

    How often do you combine orders each week?
    33% of my orders on another website i have use an upsell which is done after the main sale goes through which causes 2 transactions and 2 shipping orders to go to shipstation

    Are there times you do not want to combine orders even though they are going to the same location?

    Feel free to add any more information
    An easy way to assist this is to be able to add a rule, such as if two orders happen within 15 minutes then ship to the same address if the shipping address is the same. or something like that.

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