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    Please add Inventory management support for SKU's that are selling multiples of the same item.

    To do this I have a simple yet powerful idea. Shared inventory and Inventory Multipliers.

    I have one product that has an amazon listing (SKU) for a single unit, a separate amazon listing (a different SKU) for the same unit sold as a 2-pack, and a third amazon listing also with a unique SKU for the same item sold as a 3-pack.

    All 3 of these listings have a shared inventory. So if I have 27 bottles and I have an order for 1 unit of the single package SKU I have 26 bottles left in inventory.

    Then I have an order for 2 units of the 2-pack SKU, that's 4 bottles. I now have 22 bottles left in inventory.

    Next I have an order 1 unit of the 3-pack SKU, that's 3 bottles. I now left with 19 bottles in inventory.

    My answer to this is to have an advanced user defined setting in the Product Details called an Inventory Multiplier.

    The Inventory Multiplier is set to 1 by default so that the Qty. of units purchased equals the number of units removed from inventory. This way, no existing listings will change and everything continues to work as normal if the setting is untouched.

    Set the Inventory Multiplier to 2 and for every 1 unit of Qty ordered (for each 2-pack ordered), 2 units will be removed from inventory.

    Set the Inventory Multiplier to 3 (for a 3-pack) and for each unit of Qty. ordered 3 units will be deducted from inventory.

    Qty Ordered x Inventory Multiplier = Units Deducted from Shared Inventory

    This feature is absolutely essential to by business. Without this feature we can not track inventory levels of products with separate listings as 6-packs, 12-packs, 2-packs, etc.

    I know that Inventory can already be shared between listings now by combining products. So please, this feature needs to be designed in a way so that after 2 or more Products / listings are combined, each SKU / listing need to have it's own seperate, individual Inventory Multiplier.

    Please add this essential feature. Thank you

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