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    Thank you for this feedback. We will be considering more automation around splitting and combining shipments in our 2021 roadmap.

    Auto-combining is a bit more technically intensive than auto-splitting as it requires certain data fields to be validated and matched, but we are definitely exploring how to accomplish this.

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    Justin Bivelacque Duro Tools & Supplies commented  · 

    It seems many users don't know there is already an alert for combining orders. The alert should be in a pop up or additional window type form not hidden in the corner. When you click on the Alerts that tell you that have open orders for the same customer you should be able to choose to combine them right then and there. It gives you the option to dismiss alerts so maybe you can have a "confirm" or "take action" button. I'd say the majority of the time it is less money for shipping to combine both orders, maybe only 1-2% of orders does it make sense to ship separate because of a flat rate option or some reason like that. Then if you get to the order and in that rare case you see they are better split, than split them as you would normally.

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