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    Thanks for leaving your thoughts, everyone! We’re still reviewing this idea that has definite merit. For now, please leave your votes and comments to help keep this discussion active. Being specific in how this would affect your workflow and how you’re currently doing it will help our product team to implement new features.

    Byron commented  · 


    "hauteandrebellious" - Your "options" in Shopify are controlled by the product variant. As each variant is represented by a different sku, they are treated as individual products (instead of a single product with different options). The variant name is always appended to the product name at the end of the product title.

    "hipsoul" - It looks like your ZenCart store has been around a while and may not be using the latest ZenCart/ShipStation module that imports product options. You can request the latest ZenCart module by submitting a support ticket if you'd like to update yours.

    The ShipStation Team

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    under review  ·  Byron responded

    We’re currently researching and gathering input on all the requirements for true profit reporting.

    Byron commented  · 

    I know many of you are anxious for comprehensive profit reporting inside of ShipStation. We think this is a valuable addition, but we want to make sure we introduce a feature that's usable and appropriate for the large majority of our sellers.

    There are some significant challenges related to accurately reporting the true cost of a sale. When dealing with 25 distinct marketplaces and selling platforms, it can be difficult to procure listing and selling fees accurately and consistently.

    We'd like to hear your thoughts on what constitutes the true net profit on an order. We're currently considering the following costs and fees:

    * Individual Product Costs - manually specified for each product in ShipStation
    * Listing / marketplace fees - procured from the marketplace when possible
    * Shipping cost – aggregated carrier fees for all shipments that have not been voided
    * Insurance cost – aggregated insurance fees for all shipments that have not been voided

    These costs would be deducted from the total amount paid by the buyer (excluding tax) to determine the net profit on each order.

    Obviously, net profit reports are considered highly sensitive and we want to treat them as such. Our lower tiered accounts (Bronze, Silver) lack the capability to restrict user access to such reports, so we have quite a lot of thinking to do in regard to how these reports are exposed and rolled out to our existing customer base.

    Thanks for your patience as we carefully design and consider this feature for ShipStation and as always, thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Byron Wier
    Product Director

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