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    Thank you all for voting and commenting.

    The product team is reviewing your request and you’ll hear from us once we have made a decision.

    Some additional feedback we would love to hear:

    How often do you combine orders each week?
    Are there times you do not want to combine orders even though they are going to the same location?

    Feel free to add any more information that will help us make an informed decision by commenting here in the forum!

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    DCC Shipping commented  · 

    This would be very helpful for me too.

    Each day between 5 and 20 different customers of mine will make at least two purchases each which I have to find and manually combine and ship together. There is no scenario where I need to leave them separate so long as shipping address are the same.

    A setting I can enable which causes them to automatically be combined would be fine for me. Or, to make it a little safer, automatically combining them but first prompting the user to confirm that they should be combined would be acceptable as well. Alternatively, a way to filter out orders with identical names and addresses would at least save me having to find them and would still be highly valuable.

    It is a pain in the butt to visually scan down a list of 100 orders each day looking for the few identical names that need to be combined manually.

    DCC Shipping supported this idea  · 

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