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    Hi @everyone!

    Thank you for your feedback on this idea and letting us know how you would use tagging/rules to identify those repeat or first time customers- your use cases for this feature really help us shape how it would best fit into your workflow. Please keep commenting if you have new ideas so that we can best design this feature with your needs in mind. Our product team is still reviewing this idea and we’ll let you know once a decision has been made.

    Catherine Gamroth caterpillargreen yarns commented  · 

    Commenting again to say I'd still like to see this as a feature. Including little extras in customers' orders is common for many of us, and being able to further customize their packages based on how well the customer knows us would make for an even better experience all around. For example, maybe I'd send first time customers a "getting to know us" postcard, or a small gift for customers making their third purchase. It would also be great to easily flag repeat customers who are making their first purchase in over a year, or who has spent a certain amount of money in the past two years.

    I'd like to be able to include different gifts/info/cards with a customer's order depending on how many times they've purchased from me. Also, being able to filter for e.g. repeat customers who are making their first purchase in over a year would be great.

    Catherine Gamroth caterpillargreen yarns commented  · 

    We include a thank you card with each order, and would like to acknowledge repeat customers. Including a field in the orders list to indicate repeat customers would be great.

    A bonus would be easy access to the number of orders and total value of purchases - filtering and sorting.

    Catherine Gamroth caterpillargreen yarns supported this idea  · 

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