1. Ability to export data containing shipment dimensions for each individual package within a shipment containing multiple packages

  2. Enter credit card data once  ·  declined

  3. Add TagIDs to the Post data for Custom Stores

  4. Add the ability to resend data to the marketplace. For us (ChannelAdvisor).  ·  archived

  5. There should be a way to take notes left in ShipStation back to the Ecommerce Platform Order Data files.

  6. Orders marked as shipped retain customer data  ·  archived

  7. search history queue

  8. Include Order Item data in Packing Slip footer

  9. Add "Ship By Date" field to the custom data export for Orders and Order Line Items

  10. Material Data Safety Sheet - Print From Document Library For Specific Items Ordered  ·  archived

  11. Add Data to Customers Tab Results for one-stop reporting  ·  archived

  12. We would like Shipstation to perfrom automatic order data picks from Linnworks 3-4 times per hour.  ·  archived

  13. Product Level Data Points Exposed to Automation Rules

  14. API Access to Batch  ·  archived

  15. Pull in Amazon FBA order data but mark as shipped to skip the processing queue  ·  completed

  16. Selective/Smarter data push from ShipStation to QBO, sync via order number

  17. like the clean snapshot look of the product sales report as opposed to raw data. can shipstation add # orders sold to the product sales repo  ·  archived

  18. make the "created time" of a label available as a column of data

  19. Bar code scan to input box sizes and data  ·  completed

  20. Integrate ChannelAdvisor Distribution Center details in order to use ShipStations filter capabilities  ·  completed

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