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We have started the process of moving our ideas forum to a new home in the ShipStation Community.

As of August 4th, 2021, this Feedback and Fresh Ideas Forum is no longer accepting new ideas, votes, or comments. However, this forum will remain visible until shortly after the new Ideas board on the ShipStation Community goes live. After that date, this forum will no longer be visible.

If you would like to post an idea after August 4th but before the new Ideas board is live, we have created a temporary discussion board in the community for you to do so. Once our new Ideas board is live, our moderator will move all posts to their permanent home.

ShipStation has used this same forum since we released our very first version back in 2011. In that time, we’ve implemented hundreds of our users’ ideas! But, as our users and our product has evolved, we’ve realized the way we seek and manage our users’ feedback must evolve as well. Starting in September, all feedback and ideas discussions will take place in the Ideas board of the ShipStation Community

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What will happen to the existing Feedback and Fresh Ideas posts?

Unfortunately, we cannot move all ideas to the new Ideas forum. The posts we are not moving are being set to the  "Archived" status in this forum.

The posts we do move will maintain their statuses, voter count, comments, and link to the original poster. 

Posts we will move to the new Ideas board: 

  • All posts in Started, Planned, and In Consideration Queue statuses.
  • Some posts in the Under Review status or with no status, based on post age, recent activity, vote count, and relevance.
  • Posts that have been set to Completed within the last 12 months.

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  1. Copy Automation Rules

    Please add the ability to copy automation rules just like packing slips can be copied.

    58 votes

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  2. We have multiple workstations fulfilling / shipping orders. We need option to restrict multiple users to see orders assigned to some else

    We have thousands of orders
    5000 assigned to User 1
    5000 assigned to User 2
    10 workstations fulfilling orders - I want
    5 stations to see only orders assigned to User 1 and
    5 stations to see only orders assigned to User 2

    4 votes

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    Thank you for your feedback!

    We are looking at a lot of options around permissions and user management in 2021, so this feedback is very helpful. We’ll keep in consideration as we plan our user management roadmap.

    We’d like some additional information, if you can provide it.

    It sounds like you could need to permit or restrict viewing orders based on user, but possibly also based on workstation. Could you clarify your use case a bit here?

    It also sounds like the the Assignee filter might be a possibility, if the user is an admin and can already view all orders. You would just filter by username so you could quickly see all orders assigned to that user. You could even create a custom view that saved that filter, that way you could easily just click on the view anytime you wanted to view orders that matched that filter. Review…

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