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The ShipStation Feedback Forum collects your ideas and allows you to vote and comment on other ideas so our product team can understand what new features are most important to you or what business challenges we need to address next.

Everyone has 20 votes to spend on ideas that are important to them (but you can comment as much as you like). 

While all ideas will get reviewed, it's simply not possible for all ideas to make it onto the product roadmap. The more activity an idea has, however, the more likely it is to be considered. So, be sure to check if your idea has already been posted so you can add your votes and comments to it! 

Suggestions for Writing a Great Idea Post

  • Write a title to succinctly summarize your post. Other users should be able to identify if their idea is similar to yours just by reading the title so they will know to vote and comment on it!
  • Explain the problem you are trying to solve and what you think should be added or changed in ShipStation to solve this problem. 
  • Describe how you would use this feature or how you think it should function to serve your need.
  • Attach a screenshot to help illustrate your point. 
  • Put the idea in the category that best fits what you are trying to accomplish (for example: Order Management, Insights & Reporting, or Printing & Documents).

What to Expect With an Idea 

Our moderators will regularly review posts to ensure:
    • They are categorized in a logical way. If not, they may move them to the proper category. 
    • The title accurately reflects the idea content so others can understand. If not, they may edit the post title to help others identify posts they want to vote and comment on.
    • That posts are really ideas and not bug reports or issues that require contacting our support team. 
    • That any request that has an existing solution or can be accomplished with existing features gets a response to let everyone know a solution or feature already exists and how to learn about it.
Our moderators will also update the statuses of posts as they are considered by our product team. If an idea makes it onto the roadmap, we'll update the idea status from Planned to Started to Completed as work progresses on the idea. If an idea is declined or archived, our moderator will update the status to indicate so and you will receive your votes back to use on other ideas in the future. 

Finally, if more information is needed on an idea, the moderator will post a reply to ask for them. If it is your idea or you have commented on the idea, you should receive an email notification when this occurs.
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