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  1. Scanning based Label Printing workflow

    Scan barcode to print shipping label

    This is a production line workflow.

    We create our shipments via your API ahead of time. So on a given Monday we might have 1,000 shipments already set up that are shipping throughout the week.

    This is what we want to do:
    - Create a barcode associated with each shipping label
    - We print barcodes and place on each box on our production line
    - Person scans barcode which automatically finds its matching shipping label and automatically prints the shipping label

    It's critical that no clicking or keyboard shortcuts would be required. We need…

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    Scan to Print for v3 will accomplish 95% of this request.
    The shipment ID can be added as a barcode to the Packing Slip, which will pull up the Shipment in Scan to Print mode.
    There is another barcode that automatically Prints the label and you’re done. Scan to Print is available in the current version, but an improved experience is coming soon to v3

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