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refresh batch

hi all shipstationers!

sometimes a batch gets stuck (if larger) and fulfillments dont get pushed. (white cart) or (red cart) theres no ability to refresh that batch if its stuck especially after support hours when shipments are due! Please enable a button to refresh by ourselves especially for enterprise users, we can't have any late shipments and its inefficient to do them manually.

Thank you i've attached the cs response from Amber C. below to gve more insight.

Currently, we do not have a feature in the UI for users to resubmit a batch if the batch is stuck. I do understand the need for this especially if it happens outside of our support hours. I am happy to bubble this feature request up to our product team, and I’d recommend you suggest that on our Product Feedback forum at the following link:

This is where our users go to add their feedback on existing features or business challenges while working together to gain visibility for ideas they support the most. Our product team looks at this daily in order to see what needs to be made better, or just for new features for ShipStation in general.

It’s best to include how this feature would work best for your business and workflow. Being as detailed as possible will help our product team best understand yours (and possibly others) needs.

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