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Be able to select DO NOT NOTIFY MARKETPLACE for store

We have one retail store but ship over 500 orders a month via Shipstation, at the moment we are able to select do not notify the marketplace for an individual order but not for the whole store. We would like this as an option in the setting tab.

By not having this option we are not able to effectively use the shipstation feature of being able to create labels in bulk seeing as we need to make sure that the marketplace is not notified for every order.

Our E-comm business is increasing as is our use of shipstation so this would make it more efficient for daily usage.

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Michael Peduto Times Three Clothier, LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • bhrichard commented  · 

    You can accomplish this with an Order Filter plus an Automation Rule.

    With that said, I agree on the idea, I just wanted to make sure you at least benefited from the workaround that exists in the meantime.
    As for your idea, yes - the store settings module should let configure as many options from Automation Rules as possible/feasible.

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