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Automation Rule to Add Line Items

Hello my dear ShipStation friends. We ship for 40+ companies who use ShipStation. A tool that would be EXTREMELY beneficial for us, is the ability to add a line item if someone orders a specific item. Adding a note to the order just doesn't cut it for our inventory management system.

For example,

If SKU = [example SKU A], then add a line item for [example SKU B]

As a fulfillment center, we keep track of inventory in a management system that tracks them by line items. Our clients then pull inventory from our system. However, say a company has multiple warehouses, so they can't add certain plugins to their Shopify. The best solution would be a rule in ShipStation.

An example is a company that has a certain phone case, and they want screen protectors to be added to that phone case. Our inventory system will not keep track of those screen protectors unless there is a line item.

My email is, I am only using one of the companies accounts. You can respond to that email, please.


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