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Allow Customers to Fill In an "Exchange" Section in the Returns Dropdown

Currently when a customer returns their item, they have a dropdown to select the reason for the return. "Exchange" is an option. However, there is no other product exchange info the customer can fill out. It would be great if they could select the new product, color, SKU #, and size they prefer in exchange. Maybe an "additional details" section as well. Then we can go full automated and do not have to include a paper form inside the original package asking the customer what they want in exchange for their return. It would make the whole returns process much more seamless and save time and paper.

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Josh McConnell Straight To Hell Apparel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AnniePoo commented  · 

    After customers pull up the returns portal, they get to choose their return reason. However, if they choose exchange there isn't an option for them to choose what items they are wanting to exchange it for. Adding this feature would not only make the exchange process faster for both the customer and company, but it would greatly help with inventory so the company does not have to keep track of it.

  • Kelly Worgan Brand U Promotional Products commented  · 

    The branded returns portal has been really helpful, but we have one issue regarding exchanges. The customer is able to select exchange as the reason for their return, but there is nowhere for them to tell us what size they need to exchange for, so we still have to engage in another email exchange to figure out what they need. We have in the return details that they should include the size they need in a note with their return, but no everyone reads the directions and does that. If they could give us the size within the returns portal it would be much more efficient.


  • Lance Korhorn Ladder 34 commented  · 

    Currently, customers are able to submit product returns. However, having the functionality to request exchanges would be wonderful.
    Other Shopify plugins currently make this process very seamless. It would be great to be able to use it strait through shipstation.

  • Carolina Gonzalez-Llanos Five Ultimate commented  · 

    I just implemented the self service return portal and there's a disconnect between customers being able to choose exchange as a reason but not having anywhere to put what they want to exchange it for. Right now we are just refunding them and telling them to place a new order but that creates some friction and could lead to those people deciding against spending the money again.

    Another option would be to have them enter their email in the returns portal and have an automated email ask them what they would like to exchange their product for.

    Either way, it seems odd that a customer can choose exchange as an option but then there is nowhere to put what you want or what you should do next.

  • Adam Field Apeman commented  · 

    I would like to see an option for customers to get an additional email notification once a return/exchange has been processed so they receive the tracking for their item. We received several emails per week from customers asking where their exchange is in the process and what the tracking number is for their processed package coming back out to them. Currently we are forced to manually retrieve this information and respond to their request.

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