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Internal Customer Notes that can be applied to future orders from the customer.

If we have a text note on a customer record, when it contains something, on the orders grid, a flag could appear next to the customer's name, indicating that there is a note on the customer order.

This would be handy for situations where certain customers have specific requests going forward. I have customers who request items be packaged in a specific way or they need some extras put into their order when they buy from us. Other customers require special notes on the packaging. Then there are customers that I owe some items to, and I promise them the items on their next order.

I can probably come up with more uses that I have had that I'm just not thinking about right now. I use tags for certain common, generic things, but sometimes you need to be more specific in the information that you need to tag a customer with, and a text note to be stored with the customer information would be great.

Instead of flagging the order that there is a note on the customer, the customer note could be copied to the internal note on an order.

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