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Charging customers the correct amount using Shipstation API in E-commerce CMS integrations

One of the problems with international shipping (even domestic shipping) is charging our customers the correct amount for shipping costs.

While Shipstation allows us to calculate the costs for shipping, there is no way to charge our customers the correct amount, but it seems Shipstation has a solution to this problem that they're not utilizing.

Shipstation has a developer API that allows developers to get information such as shipping rates, but this isn't being used in any of the integrations.


If they implement this into their integrations for e-commerce CMS's such as Magento & Opencart, customers will be able to see shipping rates based on the items they are ordering (by size and weight) when they checkout. They can then choose what service they want to use, and get charged accordingly.

This will make shipping, especially international shipping, quick, easy and stress free, knowing that shipping costs are 100% covered by our customers.

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Callum Brankin Cable Intelligence shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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