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Taking a picture of out going order

Many times, I send multiple items out in one package and occasionally I get customers that say they didn't receive it . In most cases I concur that I may may missed an item, but others I suspect they are fibbing. Id like to have the ability of snapping a picture of the items I am sending prior to packing. Perhaps, there could be a button on the order screen that snaps a picture / small video clip of the products being shipped. This picture can either be sent to the customer or kept private. If its sent my the customer , it may thwart any attempt to make a claim that something wasn't received. Im thinking this can be accomplished with a webcam? I see there is a similar request as this one and the writer is correct in that Ebay / Amazon and credit card companies ALWAYS side with the buyer.

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  • Alexander Kunz OP2 Labs commented  · 

    Actually, Amazon has implemented this practice with many of its carriers such as USPS, FEDEX, etc. Personally, I think it is up to the carrier to prove they delivered it. I bring this up because I believe it will become a standard for carriers in the future and not necessarily something you will worry about!

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