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Paypal integration

Currently SS does not work to notify PayPal of tracking info and ship status. I am told by SS that they are not integrated with the correct PayPal API to allow this to happen. This is a big disadvantage for PayPal users, causing us an extra step by having to manually update each individual order in PayPal with tracking information. The current integration between PayPal and SS is not complete. SS, please do what is needed to integrate fully with PayPal.

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Debra Kaferly Laser Member Cards, LLC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • Lynn Futch Sweet Southern Belles Boutique commented  · 

    I personally have so many orders in PayPal that I don’t add tracking to my invoices. I have to rely on ShipStation emails to notify customers BUT then I get constant requests for tracking for those that won’t check their emails. It is not practical and I’d love to see PayPal and ShipStation y’all to each other on every aspect.

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