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bigcommerce tax mapping

It appears that even though ShipStation has a field for Tax Paid, when it brings in an order from BigCommerce it combines the tax paid with the product total amount so tax paid in Shipstation always says zero. I now have a checkout that allows international customers to prepay their duties and taxes if they wish (Zonos), and if they do it will come through in the taxes field in BigCommerce. Shipstation has a really neat shipping rule where you can set up the "prepay duties/ taxes" box to automatically be checked if it sees a "taxes paid" amount for an international order. Excellent feature, but does absolutely no good if the taxes paid are not brought in as a separate amount to a field that already exists. Apparently it is not functional and the API mapping should be corrected.

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Jesse Guarino Torque King 4x4 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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