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fulfillment by amazon for international orders

Multi-channel fulfillment by amazon is great, but you have to use exactly the same SKU that you are using for your FBA inventory if you want your international shopify order to forward to or (or wherever) for fulfillment. This is not realistic as I have an original SKU used in my shopify and seller fulfilled account, a separate SKU for US FBA, and separate SKUs for FBA in other countries (which is exactly what amazon tells you to do). As a result, there is no way for an order placed on my shopify and heading to the UK to be transferred to our UK FBA inventory, because the SKU is slightly different.

Please create a mapping system to connect SKUs based on delivery region. (e.g. If order placed with SKU "X" on shopify being delivered to UK, use SKU "X-UKFBA" for fulfillment by amazon). This will save us money on international shipping and save our customers delivery time and headaches with customs.

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