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More Robust Alias Creation

I would like to see a way to have a single SKU from a webstore import to ShipStation as two line items. For example a bundled product (one price for A and B).

We have several items available both as a bundle and as single items. It seems foolish to pre-assemble these bundles as we don't know how many will sell.

If there was a way for the bundle SKU to import as the two separate SKUs it would help inventory as there wouldn't need to be an additional location created just to house assembled bundles.

Additionally, we work with several overseas depots, all with different inventory and shipping systems. Ship Station is used as a reference for them and I worry that because the bundle SKU isn't in their inventory system, an order may be marked out of stock.

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Katie Hooper Ship Naked shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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