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We need Moonclerk integration

I use Moonclerk for my subscription service (, which ships 150-200+ packages bi-monthly.

Right now, because of the volume of packages I send, I have to pay for a subscription for Shipstation AND for Zapier, which helps to import my orders. But their bridge is not ideal--it imports anything that has an attempted payment on it, not a confirmed payment. I end up with many duplicate labels that I spend hours sorting through to ensure that all the labels are connected to completed orders.

Additionally, I have found that this bridge often overloads and loses orders while importing, since all my customers are charged on the same day.

An integration with Moonclerk would mean I get hours/days of my work time back, and a seamless worry-free line of communication between the two. Since Moonclerk has the option to attempt billing, a function to only import successfully paid orders is essential.


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Kendrah Smith shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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