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Prevent Automatic Invoice creation for multiple items in an order.

When invoicing orders, sometimes we invoice items in the orders separately for various reasons (sometimes we don't have an item in stock, an item needs to be held and invoiced later, the items are coming from different stores, etc.); however, when we invoice just one item, the other item is automatically invoiced thorugh ShipStation. Second invoice clearly mentioned in comment that this was Issued By Auctane ShipStation. We've installed this module
I've contacted with your support team they said since this was the first part of the order to be shipped, the invoice is created on the Magento end for the partial orders as well. As this is how the current integration is designed, I recommend leaving this feature feedback request in our Feedback Forum.
Please let us know how can we prevent ShipStation to create the second Invoice automatically.

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Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller Jewelry shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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