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Calculate rates for multiple orders (that are selected) and automatically select the cheapest Service or each order selected


We have found that one of the largest time sinks and easily the most tedious job in our shipping process is selecting the cheapest Service (e.g. Fedex , UPS, USPS) for multiple orders.

For example, say we have 1000 Amazon Prime Orders. Currently we need to click the "Calc" button on each individual order, then in the "Rate Calculator" dialog box, in the 'Amazon Fulfillment' tab, I click on the cheapest service available for a given order.

** ISSUE **
This causes US to calculate the cheapest rate available for 1000 orders - individually - which could take hours...

What would be GREAT is to have a feature where I could select multiple orders (e.g. Orders tagged as Amazon Prime), and ~automagically~ retrieve the list of Services/Rates for each Order and have the option to select the cheapest Service for each order in bulk.

Please let me know if I can provide any further details.


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