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Own Fulfilment Option for Countries whose postal system is not in your options

Firstly, I love your product and have been using it for a number of years now. BUT there is an issue I have raised a number of times which does not seem to get a look in, but I think it would expand your customer base to other countries.

I ship from a country in South East Asia and only send via local post. Therefore, I cannot print shipping labels. I think this is a big oversight assuming that everyone has accounts with the post offices you have listed and does not help people whose postal system is not listed at all.

So I spend my days cutting and pasting the address to labels in a word doc and have to manually edit the country because the country field in the address is only the code not the full country name. This is very time consuming and as I said I think it would open more customers up to you if you had an option for self fulfillment which had a generic shipping label with just name of shipper and to address.

I really hope this request can happen and I then I could recommend you to more people in South East Asia who would benefit from your software.

Thank you.

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