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Add stock level to packing slip or pick list

It is great to have a option of inventory source, and display current quantity on orders windows.
However, it will be much greater to have a option to add this(current stock level) on packing slip or pick list. This feature will save our warehouse guy tons of time.
Highly recommend!!

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Soapex shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • aaron1994 commented  · 

    I want this too!

    Maybe this is useful for other stores as well, but in my case it is Channel Advisor. Shipstation has a feature for Channel Advisor Integration that can pull Available Quantity from specific Channel Advisor Warehouses and display it in a column in Order Line Items. This information is useful when there may be a small number of units left in stock, but it is only displayed on the order page and cannot be printed in either document.

    The underlying issue here is the general lack of customization. Why should there be a limit to what an automation rule can do, or what information can be put on a document. We ought to be able to put any data we want on all document types and format them as we please!

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